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Full line of Medicore Socks
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Medicore products place Copper CuTEC® and PTFE NanoGLIDE® at performance points throughout each product to maximize the benefits to the wearer -- bio-engineered man-made fibers, which through research and engineering knowledge have been applied to the fields of textiles, medicine, and biology.


Highest Rated for Skin Protection PTFE technology reduces fricition, moves moisture and dries fast.


Highest Rated for Skin Regeneration Copper technology controls odor, improves hygiene and promotes healthier skin texture, tone and skin wellness for the wearer.

Medicore is the thought-leader in next-to-skin, gear-solution technology for the sport, industrial and medical market

Most of us understand the problems with our gear or healthcare products, but too often we assume that this is the acceptable norm -- something we just have to deal with. The biggest problem with this apathy is that it has significant consequences and sub-par products. Whether in healthcare or consumer products, it is simply not acceptable.

The cutting-edge technology and dedicated minds at Medicore keep us moving forward and ensure that our products will continue to evolve. The trailblazing science behind our innovations is reinventing how fabric, sock, apparel, and medical device technologies function.

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