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What makes Medicore socks different and better than others on the market?

There are numerous socks on the market for compression, sport, work and diabetes. They are all focused on using common fibers: cotton, wool, nylon, polyester, Spandex and Lycra to create padded bottoms or compression zones. The difference is that Medicore socks address the complete wellness of the wearer’s foot. Each Medicore sock style has a specific focus and is engineered to compliment the wearer's activity. Every Medicore sock has NanoGLIDE® fiber to reduce friction and chafing and perspiration build up and CuTEC® fiber to deter fungal and bacterial growth while promoting skin wellness for the wearer. It is our attention to detail and the combination of unique fiber properties and engineered enhancements that set our socks apart.

What makes CuTEC® copper fiber better than the Silver fibers that are used in some socks?

While some socks have silver heels and toe boxes and claim to reduce odors by managing bacterial growth in the shoe (micro climate), our almost decade long research and human clinical studies have demonstrated CuTEC® is effective in reducing bacterial growth (hence odor control) and also creates a healthier environment for skin texture, tone and skin wellness for the wearer. Daily wear of Medicore socks keeps bacteria and fungus from flourishing.

What does Copper CuTEC® do for my feet?

CuTEC® Copper is a proprietary fiber that is present in all Medicore socks. Copper is a naturally occurring mineral proven effective for centuries against the growth of bacteria and fungi. By incorporating CuTEC® in all Medicore socks, we provide maximum control for odor and an optimum “micro climate” around the foot which promotes enhanced skin wellness for the wearer.

How does NanoGLIDE® fiber help my feet?

NanoGLIDE® is a proprietary fiber. It is incorporated in all Medicore socks to provide moisture wicking properties and to reduce friction between the foot and the shoe where hotspots are created. NanoGLIDE® fiber can reduce the chance of blisters and chafing by keeping your foot drier and reducing friction on the skin surface. Sweat and friction are important factors to minimize for any activity: sports, walking, running, or work.

Medicore socks have a Right and a Left. Why?

Medicore uses the most technologically advanced manufacturing equipment and techniques available today. Our socks are anatomically designed and manufactured one at a time from the machine. This allows us to engineer each sock with precision to assure a great fit.

Who can benefit from wearing compression socks?

Everyone’s feet and legs can feel better while wearing gradient compression socks. If you spend a lot of time in a sedentary position, standing, sitting, and especially when traveling by airline, you can benefit from compression socks. Many athletes wear compression socks as they have found that compression socks reduce fatigue and their feet and legs have a faster recovery after their game or run.

Gradient compression socks are most beneficial for the following leg complaints:*

  • Tired, aching, heavy feeling legs
  • Foot swelling
  • Varicose veins
  • Venous insufficiency
  • Active venous ulcers

*If you have arterial circulation problems, please consult with your physician before wearing any level of compression socks.

What is gradient compression?

Gradient compression delivers a squeezing/compression to the leg that is tightest at the ankle. The amount of squeezing /compression gradually decreases up the leg.

I have latex allergies. Can I still use compression socks?

Latex is a natural substance that comes from the rubber tree. Latex can be used in textiles in two forms: Dry natural rubber and natural rubber latex.
Medicore products do NOT contain latex. We use high-quality synthetic elastomers / Spandex® / LYCRA®.

Do I need a prescription?

No. Ready to wear and standard off the shelf compression socks do not require a prescription.

Will Medicare cover compression socks?

Compression socks are a non-covered service under Medicare Part B. Medicare will not pay for these items even with a prescription from your doctor.