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Why Us

At Medicore Global we are committed to quality and innovative products. Our superior design is validated with patients and consumers and fabricated in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Copper CuTEC® and PTFE NanoGLIDE® are bio-engineered man-made fibers which through research and  engineering knowledge have been applied to the fields of textiles, medicine and biology.

Our family of Medicore Foot Care products includes: Compression, Sport, Work, and Diabetic socks.

The Medicore Foot Care line has been specifically developed for the discerning consumer. The line includes categories which feature unique socks that are specific in need and technicality.

We have produced a product line unique to the global market by incorporating features such as hand-linked seamless toes, extra-deep heel wells, in-step protectors, air channel venting, reflective safety fiber, foot guards, adjusting cuffs, specific compression zones, calf protectors, anatomically shaped designs and our proprietary NanoGLIDE® moisture management/anti friction system and CuTEC® skin wellness system.